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Personal branding and the quest to stand out in the job market.

“it’s a difficult era in which to be a person,just a real actual person, instead of a collection of personality traits selected from an endless automat of characters.”I’ve always admired this quote from Gone Girl.It is indeed a difficult era in which to be a person,an original being,to be distinguished among others.After all,that is what we all […]

The day i realized i have a perfect life

you know, we all sometimes become blind and miss what’s exactly under our nose.we only see the grass on that other side,how green and pretty it is.That day was the day i REALLY got a glimpse of how fortunate and privileged i am.I always took what i had for parents love me,but they have to, right?they’re my PARENTS,they made me,i’m entitled to their love.turns out that isn’t the case for everyone

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